12 Lessons I’ve Learned after 12 Years of Grief

#1 Everything won’t always be SO terrible.

#2 You’ll lose friends, but you’ll gain ones too.

#3 Time will speed up.

#4 The obsession with death lessens.

#5 You’ll find what works for you.

#6 And what doesn’t.

#7 You will have set backs.

#8 And that’s okay.

#9 People are still mean.

#10 Guilt has to end.

#11 You couldn’t have changed the ending.

#12 Your life is important and you deserve to know that.

I will elaborate on these in my next post, but these are quick thoughts on my grief over the years. I love you all and love to hear your insight.



  1. Yes! Lessons learned SO true!

    My dad just died at 89 and it zapped me back to my prior wife Helen’s and my only son John’s grief – parts anyway that I thought I had Handled but apparently NOT

    Prayers and love for y’all

  2. Perfectly put. My similar list is:
    I am not alone in struggling with grief.
    I need not be alone in struggling with my grief.
    My journey will be unique to me.
    I may not always be ok.
    It’s ok to not be ok.
    It’s ok to ask for help.
    It’s good to talk.
    It’s good to share.

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